Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling Inspired & Ready to Create!

A few weeks ago I attended Donna Downey's incredible Inspired event. It was definitely just what the doctor ordered! We did so many projects that were totally out of my comfort zone, yet I loved every moment! It really got my creative juices flowing. Aside from the fabulous teachers & artists, I met so many great people that share my love of creating! All in all, it was a fabulous get-away! I'd love to share some of my photos from the weekend, featuring work of some AMAZING artists.

Pam Garrison is a mixed-media artist, and was absolutely amazing! She created this canvas for Inspired, and it is so darn cute!!! Now I want to paint a canvas for my scrapbook room. In her class we used vintage papers, acrylic paints & watercolors, collage elements and we even sewed on our pages in class. (For me, that was a huge accomplishment!)

Artist Diana Gessler taught a wonderful class on Illustrated Travel Journals. She showed us her inspiring journals from her trips around the world, and her talent is unbelievable! I love the way each little picture told a fascinating story from her travels. I have my traveling watercolors and my artist's journal -- all I need now is a summer trip! (And maybe a fraction of Diana's talent!)

And last but definitely not least, is this canvas layout by Donna Downey! I'm in awe of Donna's talent, her energy level, and her great sense of humor. I wish I could sew, and embrace the use of fabric like she does! I've never used fabric on my layouts before, but now I really want to! (I even have purchased beautiful fabric and I'm ready to go!)

My most favorite class out of the entire weekend was Donna's Inspiration Journal. Her journals are GORGEOUS. She goes with the flow, and just goes with whatever she's feeling that day. Each page was a true work of art. She would just slap down paint directly on the page, and then start painting, and before you knew it, an exquisite piece of art was before you. After her class I bought two of her blank Inspiration Journals, and I can't wait to start filling up the pages. I will admit, though, I am NOT the type to just squeeze paint directly on the page - lol! I'll try to loosen up a bit, but just not sure that's in the cards for me!

I hope you've enjoyed these little sneak-peeks from The Inspired Artist's Workshop. PLEASE NOTE that the above works are not my work, and that each artist is named. They are shown here for inspirational purposes only. Please visit their websites for more Inspiration.  I highly recommend Donna's Inspired weekend (May 2011 is the next scheduled event) and hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer's Here!

Ah, Summer Day, Summer Day -- nothing is as beautiful as those two words! School is out, the kids are sleeping in (and so am I!), and the days are spent poolside or else doing absolutely nothing -- except what we want to do. I love it! My favorite daily summer ritual is to have my coffee outside on the patio before the day gets too hot. I love the cool feeling on my skin, the birds chirping loudly in the trees, and most of all, the excitement of what possibilities the day may hold!