Saturday, October 2, 2010


Easier said than done, uh? Especially for us "busy body" types!

This is one of my most favorite things in my craft room. We were strolling along the beautiful streets of Sea Side, when we spotted this piece of art in a gallery. My husband took one look at it, and laughed, saying, "Babe, this sums you up perfectly!" (He meant this in the kindest way possible, of course.)  It hangs next to my desk and reminds me to not take everything so seriously. I especially love the way it says "...YOU decide." That lets me know that it's really all up to me and how I react to things and others.

I {heart} this zany lady -- she helps me Chillax!


Leigh said...

Very cute!
I struggle with this, too. I cannot just sit and do nothing. I need to read, watch TV, craft or something. Oh well, at least we get things done. ;)

Kristin said...

This is a cool piece and such a great reminder :)