Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Things I Love Today, in Honor of 10-10-10

1. Sleeping late. Sleeping late is better than cupcakes or chocolate. Or even chocolate cupcakes.

2. This beautiful sunny Fall day, with the trees bursting with a mixture of crimson, burnt orange and sunflowery hues.... 100% Gorgeous.

3. Hearing my son playing on the guitar downstairs.  Amazed at how he can hear a song once, then go figure out  how to play it, all on his own. (I really did give birth to him, but this blows my mind, as I have zero music ability.)

4. Coffee. (Need I say more?)

5. Sitting by the pool, soaking up the sunshine.

6. The song "Little Lion Man." (And fair warning, it's not for little ears.)

7. Irreverent Madison on Alt Nation/First Wave. You just never know what she will say next, and I love it!

8. Mad Men. It comes on tonight -- Hooray!

9. Running water and electricity. I'm currently reading the book "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" and it pains me that they had to go a full five days (or more!) without a bath. And when they did get a bath, the servants had to bring boiling buckets of water up three flights of stairs to fill the copper tub. Makes me tired just thinking about it...  Yet usually I think it's hard to walk upstairs and turn on the faucet. (Yes, I admit to being a lazy individual.) Seriously though, we really do take these things for granted. Hmmm..... I think I will go take a shower now. Because I CAN...

and drum roll please for Number 10........

10. My amazing 13 year old son made dinner tonight for us all. We had his legendary homemade Alfredo sauce with pasta. It's absolutely delicious! (Yes, this is the same son that is playing the guitar. Oh, one day he is going to make some young lady such a good husband! Who doesn't dig a cute guy that plays guitar AND cooks? Oh yea!)

Okay, that's my list. Now I'm going to eat my chocolate cupcake for dessert. All in all, it's been a fabulous 10-10-10. :)


Lynn said...

very fun list and sunds like you really have an amazing son. very talented.

Sherry said...

Love your new look! Your list is fabulous! :)

Leigh said...

Love your list!
And the picture on your blog header is making me very hungry!

Jessica said...

I love your list!! Even though I'm late commenting:):) Your son sounds great!! I hope Lucas is like that when he is thirteen:) And sleeping late is my FAVE!! I guess after kids that becomes a luxury.