Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had great intentions of having a few friends over to make Valentines.  I gathered all my heart stamps, a substantial stack of red, pink & white cardstock, and even sorted all of my red embellishments into cute little dishes for the table.  As soon as I did all the work, I caught my son's bad cold/fever/virus - Ugh!  It seems that I do much better on social events when I just make plans spontaneously -- i.e., calling a friend the day OF and hoping she's free!  Oh well... I guess this actually pretty typical for this time of year.  Seems like everyone I know is sick right now.

Regardless of the Valentine Crafting party that did not take place, I did have fun this evening playing with all my pink and red goodies.  I made a few cards for the teachers, and this one for my husband.  It's kind of masculine, and it was very liberating spraying Glimmer Mist everywhere! It was a fun little evening of creating. I hope everyone has a great Valentines  Day, and that you make something special for someone you love.

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Lizzie said...

Poor you! I am just about recovered from a similar "Lurgy" too. It spoiled various plans, including a curtain-making afternoon at my niece's (which I hope to reschedule to this week!).
I love the little card you made - it's very cute. Lots of stamping and inking going on there.
I see your cute little storage buckets - you know I have lots of those too 5 or 6 biggish ones and three teeny little ones, that are just great for holding mini-supplies for a current project. They are so cheerful and bright to have on my desk while I work!
I love your little white button dishes too.. a bit more "posh" than my bits of plastic tray/cardboard boxes that I tend to use. Must think about this idea when I'm in the homewares department next time.
Hope you are soon much better. Have a good rest in the meantime.