Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Write down those cute things your kids say!

There is five and a half years difference in age between my oldest son and youngest son.  My older son has always been amazing with his baby brother! He's helped him learn to talk, walk and read. They are the best of friends, and my older son couldn't be a better protector of his little brother.   

One day recently we were riding in the car, taking a few of my son's friends home, and my youngest son all of the sudden announced this to the other kids, "I just love my brother! He's practically raised me, you know!"  The teenagers kind of laughed, and then just resumed their conversation about music, girls, or a combination there of.  But myself,  I had many different thoughts running through my head: First, "What?? What about me?? I'm just the woman who gave birth to you. Natural child-birth, I might add." And then amusement. Then, finally, "That is SO sweet!  I love that bond they share. That really touches my heart."

When I would think back on this day, I knew I just had to write it down so I would remember.  With the chaos of day to day life, especially with three busy kids, these cute little things sadly sometimes get forgotten. I want to remember this forever. I want my sons to recall it one day when they're older, hanging out together and just reminiscing.  These little snippets and firsts are what will one day stand out to them when they reflect back on their childhood and relationships.

I wanted to share with you a little booklet I made for my youngest son.  It's a little folded booklet, with holes punched inside and a photo pocket window on the outside.  I decided to record all of his First Words in this cute little book. I have all these little post it notes, or scraps of notebook paper in his baby album of the first words he said: "Mic" (milk); "Kitch-ee-ay" (Chick-fil-a) and "inch fries" (french fries.)  (Yes, I had babies that were adorably chubby and apparently thought about food a lot!)  Now I have an official place to record his very first words; a Baby Dictionary of sorts.

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