Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family is the Key...

Several times a year, I'm fortunate enough to have a large get-together with my extended family.  This year at Easter, our time together was especially enjoyable. We had all missed getting together at Christmas, due to a deep Southern snow.  (Although a White Christmas is a rare treat, it really made me miss that special time to visit with family.)  Therefore, our recent time together was long overdue, and extra fun!

Cousins ranging in age from 8 months to 42 all gathered together on this lovely Spring day. Lots of little kids, a huge Easter egg hunt, and plenty of delicious food!  Great conversation, cocktails and laughs (for those of us with older kids, anyway! The cousins with little babies didn't have much free time for chit-chat, as they were always following the wee ones.)   All in all, it was such a memorable day and that perfect little reminder that all that really matters is Family.