Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Room to Create In... Again!

We moved six weeks ago and I haven't scrapbooked, painted or MADE THINGS since early April :( You know how it goes -- the important essentials come first: unpacking the kitchen, the bedrooms, being able to actually find clothes and linens. Scrapping and crafting falls kind of low on the list of priorities when a family of five moves to a new home! In addition to not having the time to make things, I also couldn't get inspired in my new scraproom. It was dark and dreary. I just couldn't get my creative mojo going in this lack-luster room...

But good news! In the last two weeks I've been able to focus on my crafting space and now I'm ready to go! Although I'm still tweaking and organizing, I'm loving my new serene little space! I will try to come back over the next few weeks and update with more photos as I get things organized and finished. Check out the before and after photos below.

And as I close, the one thing that pops into my head as I type this entry is this all too true phrase: "If Mama Ain't Happy, Then Nobody's Happy." This Mama is certainly happy now that she has a place all her own!