Sunday, July 10, 2011

Start Simply... Simply Start!

I haven't scrapbooked in weeks and weeks -- until today! Between packing, moving, and unpacking, there hasn't been much time for creating. However, I've been dying to get in my new art room and MAKE THINGS! Sometimes I walk into my room and just look at all the stuff, get a little overwhelmed, and walk right back out. (Lame, I know.) I think sometimes if you take a break, it's harder to get started again. Or, if you're just starting to scrapbook for the first time, it's hard to know where to begin.

Well, here is what I recommend: Just do it! Don't over think it; just pick out a few photos you love, and sit down and play! Let your photos guide you, and choose colors that make you happy. The layout above literally took me around 20 minutes (if that) to complete. Although it is extremely simple, it makes me happy! I also feel like a burden of sorts has been lifted from me -- I actually made something! Now the wheels are turning, and I'm ready to turn out a few more things.

I challenge you all to start simply, but SIMPLY START! Don't put it off until tomorrow, don't wait until you have tons of free time because that rarely happens... Just pull out a few of your favorite things, and make something! You'll be glad you did!


Sherry C said...

So true! Happy scrapping to you!

Rachel said...

good job getting STARTED! oh, and cute page too! :)

Rebecca said...

I totally agree. The simple ones that focus on a memory or a fab photo are always the ones that make me the happiest too. Love that layout--the simple design lets the photos shine. Enjoy your new space :)