Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6: Favorite Color Combos

(photo via Pinterest, via www.design-seeds.com)

1. green/coral/grey LOVE this color sample above! Really digging these colors and trying to use these in my new house!

Rug by Amy Butler

2. grey/yellow So trendy these days, and the funny thing is that I never used to like either of these colors that much... Together, they're fabulous!

3. coral/turquoise I love this photo! So much so, I think I'm about to paint the back wall of my built-ins this gorgeous coral color! So fresh, fun and yet classic!


KathrynAntyr said...

What gorgeous colors! Love all of your lists and how you are illustrating them. Have a lovely day.

ashley said...

Great colors...reminds me of a spring cottage in England somewhere :)

dawn said...

I love how your doing your pages. These colors are gorgeous and soft. I never thought of gray with yellow but seeing this rug makes me think about it more. Thanks for the inspiration.

my list is at http://everydaymemorieswithprojectlife.blogspot.com

yellowroses said...

Great color combinations. Grey always used to make me feel cold, but combined with other colors it looks great!

Tracy said...

Thanks so much, Ladies! :)