Friday, January 20, 2012

Color in the Craft Room

I've had fun making a few updates in my craft room this week. I used to have an apple green craft room and realized recently how much I actually missed the color green. I decided to add a punch of color to the room and I love how it turned out!

I found the number canvases at Tuesday Morning and just love them! I think they are perfect for the space, and I think both the colors and design suit the room.

Next, I decided to put all of my mists and paints back in a cute caddy. (When I moved, I thought I preferred some hidden storage of my paints, but guess what? I didn't use them! Out of sight, out of mind...) Not only is this storage container much more convenient, it's fabulous eye candy!

Last but not least, I rearranged some artwork I had in the room, and really like it in a grouping like this:

It's amazing how much little things matter! My room feels new and makes me SO happy! I love the pop of color, and the organization just inspires me to get to work! So, if you're contemplating some changes to your craft space, I say go for it! You need to LOVE the place you create in!