Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Mid-Year Project Life Inspiration

How is everyone doing with their Project Life album? (And if you're unfamiliar with Project Life and Becky Higgins, click on my Project Life button to the right... Loads of fabulous information!) After trying Project Life last year, I learned that I was much better at doing my album monthly, rather than weekly. It just works better for me, and is easier for me to manage.

This post is a little photo-heavy, perhaps, but I thought it might give you ideas on how to store you Project Life supplies (because, hey, that's half the fun, right?) and provide a little PL inspiration for you now that it's summer. Doing PL monthly is very do-able. Even if you haven't been great at doing your album thus far, or if you're just getting started, you could easily do the past six months in one weekend. That's what's so great about Project Life -- you can do it as simply, or as fancy, as you like. I, myself, took the simple approach! Happy Scrapping! :)