Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back-To-School Survival Kit

Now that school has started, who needs a "pick me up?" We're dragging here: early mornings, late practices, and homework to the wee hours... Ah, makes me miss Summer! However, I've come up with a great little treat for your teachers, your friends, even a spare stashed away in your car to get you through a rough week! They're super easy to make, and were really well received by my friends.

Just one little trip to the drugstore or Target is needed. I bought little first aid kits that are in the travel section, tiny hand sanitizer bottles, again in the travel section, a bag of Dove chocolates, travel-pack kleenex, sticky note pads, and some Starbucks coffee singles.

Add some self-adhesive labels and a black sharpie from the office section, and you're ready to go! Label each item depending on the "need" of the day. (My personal favorite is the chocolate and Starbucks instant coffee in the little ziplock entitled "The Long Days!)

I added all the ingredients to small gift bags, and made little monogram name tags with one of my scrapbooking punches and some stickers. Add a little ribbon, and voila: an instant inexpensive gift, that means a lot on one of difficult days!

*Wish me luck tomorrow: I have my first teacher conference at the Middle School -- hope it's not a "weepy day!" ;)