Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Home Is {Truly} Where the Heart Is...

So who else is ready for SPRING? Eagerly raising my hand here! After seven days of snow and ice, I've been looking for ways to bring Spring into my home. I keep buying fresh flowers every time I go grocery shopping. When my kids complain about Winter weather, I keep reminding them that it's actually "Early Spring." They just roll their eyes at me!

Well, as I've been sprucing things up in my house, anticipating warmer weather and fun family time, it got me thinking about how one's creativity really carries over to their home. Is there any such thing as a super creative person who has a boring, bland kind of home? I highly doubt it. I think there are so many ways to use your creativity to make your house a real home. A home full of character, and warmth and comfort.

As the only female in our home, I'm pretty much the only one that even thinks about things like this - ha! I joke that if decorating a home were up to my husband, we'd have beds, a super-sized flatscreen, and a couple of Lazy Boy recliners! (Thank heavens that isn't the case.) I love my home and I love making it nice for my family. I love entertaining and really enjoy having friends over. I think it's truly rewarding, and is hopefully making for really happy memories for my kids.

On this snowy and frigid evening in Tennessee, I thought I'd share some of my favorite spaces in my home. (I did have to include a few photos from the Summer, with greenery and sunshine -- it gives me hope!) I hope this blogpost inspires you and reminds you that it's not where you live, but who you share your home with, that truly matters.

Stay warm, my friends, and remember that Spring is only 22 days away!