Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Does your space INSPIRE you?

When you think of a craft room, do you just think of a space in your home that houses all of your paints, paper, fabrics and stamps? (Or other hobbies - like quilting, crocheting, or beading?) So often we think of storage in a craft room, and creating in that room (in my case, lots of art journaling and scrapbooking!) but do you decorate the room in a way that inspires you? When you look around your space, do you see things that you love? I think surrounding yourself with inspiration really makes you much more creative. Also, it becomes your true happy place. :)

Although I've had four craft rooms in the last five years (yes, we move a lot!) there is one thing that is a constant in my creative space: artwork from friends, family members and great artists that I've met in my creative travels. Daily, these works inspire me! It makes me so happy to walk into my craft room and see this:

Over the years, I've collected all these lovely pieces. Some were from workshops I've attended, some were sent to me by friends, and some were made by my own kiddos. (I especially treasure these meaningful works of art!)

I'm so fortunate to also have fabulous creative friends who have sent me lovely creations, like this one from my incredibly talented friend, artist Kirsten Reed (Kirsten Reed Designs):

Believe it or not, my own art is even up there! (Yes, you can be inspired by your own work!)This girl was definitely inspired by the talented Christy Tomlinson's She Art class:

I've also been really blessed to be able to take classes with some amazing artists over the years. Here are some of the class goodies we were given and that made the class extra special:

This gorgeous flag mixed media piece was made by artist Sue Pelletier, teacher at Art Is You (*look for her new mixed media book coming out in May!)

This fun little note from the amazing artist, Junelle Jacobsen

And this darling name tag handmade by Ellen Legare from Art Is You Retreats.

All these works of art are so special to me, and inspire me each and every day! They make my room a very happy space.

Please check out these amazingly talented artists! Not only are they fabulously creative, but they're also women that truly inspire.

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