Wednesday, October 19, 2016

There are NO wrong ways to preserve your memories!

Something has been on my mind lately... Some people think scrapbooking is that "thing" where you glue your photos down to paper, add a sticker or two and then maybe write down a date. Now for some, that may be the way you scrapbook. For others, it might me where you started scrapbooking and then you moved on to more complex ways of scrapbooking. And for yet others, you may have never glued a picture to paper in your entire life, and document all your memories on your phone or in an art journal. That's the great thing about scrapbooking: you can preserve your memories in SO many different ways, and they're all the right way!

Today's memory keeper has more options than ever when it comes to formats of documenting your life: traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, traveler's notebooks, planners, photo books, Instagram, Project Life, the Project Life app, Chatbooks, art journals -- you name it! I love that anything goes now in the scrapbooking world. There are no wrong ways to preserve your memories, just do what works for YOU! It can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

I know some people may think of scrapbookers as older people -- you know, stereotypical grandmotherly figures, armed with glue sticks in hand and their deckle scissors at the ready. There is nothing wrong with that at all (and I hope to be a scrapping Grandma one day!) but I personally think that today's memory keepers are super savvy and the "doers" of our generation. They're the world travelers, the foodies, and the app/iPhone experts. They're the busy entrepreneurs, the Super Moms, the decision makers. I think it's the best time ever to be a memory keeper/scrapbooker/documenter! With so much technology readily available, the possibilities are limitless.

I had to share these thoughts... I love being the documenter in our family and feel renewed and excited by all the many options out there, and wanted to share my excitement with you! :)

Here are some traditional, and some not so traditional, ways that I document my memories:

Instagram photo, using PicFrame app

Photo of my backyard, turned into a lovely watercolor using the Waterlogue App

Project Life layout using the Project Life App

Wall Gallery with my photos

Instagram photos to make a 4x4 scrapbook

I hope this blog post has inspired you to go take that photo, record that video, jot down that story TODAY, using any tool you desire! Don't stress over what format, just document your story while it's fresh in your memory.